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Black Ink Monday

Editorial cartoonists are banding together on this coming Monday to protest the recent lay-offs in their industry. Members of the AAEC are encouraged to do a cartoon criticizing the layoffs. The cartoons will be posted together on the AAEC website.

Editorial cartoonists are joining together for a “Black Ink Monday” protest, E&P has learned. On Dec. 12, these artists will draw cartoons criticizing the newspaper industry — and particularly the Tribune Co. — for reducing the number of editorial cartooning jobs.

Comic cartoonists have cooperated to do “theme days” on rare occasions. But this may be a first for editorial cartoonists, said J.P. Trostle, news editor of Editorial — the Web site of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

The site will publish the Dec. 12 cartoons criticizing the job losses. The AAEC also hopes newspapers will publish the cartoons and syndicates will distribute them.

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