Daily Cartoonist roadmap

The Daily Cartoonist has been live for about a month now and I wanted to outline the next steps for this blog for the few visitors/subscribers. I haven’t advertised or marketed the blog as it is still the development phase, but I am seeing some traffic trickling in.

Right now, this blog is in what I consider in an ‘alpha’ stage. My focus is on creating the processes that feed me news that I post (and trimming the time I spend reviewing news down to a reasonable level). I don’t have a time table for completing this phase, but it shouldn’t be much longer.

The ‘beta’ phase will include designing a more graphically pleasing look and feel to the web site and refining the backend processes.

Finally, when I feel everything is ready, I’ll start marketing and pushing traffic to the site.

Until then, I’ll continue to post on a daily basis and welcome those who are checking in. Feedback is very much welcome – feel free to email me or use the comments on this blog posting.