Stone Soup to celebrate 10 years in syndication

Congrats to Jan Elliot. The 10 year mark happens November 20.

“I try to create a comic strip that respects non-traditional family situations, that has empathy for imperfect people, that has empathy for people with less than enough money and less than enough time and sometimes less than enough patience,” Eliot says from her home in Eugene, Oregon.


4 thoughts on “Stone Soup to celebrate 10 years in syndication

  1. To Jan: I enjoy your comic strip very much, and I am glad to see you currently taking on pregnancy in your strip.. I am a member of Oregon Network for Infant Mental Health here in Eugene. Our group agreed for me to contact you about taking care in how you use your humor to depict pregnancy and potentially child-birth. Too much media attentions focuses on what a pain in the *^%$# that whole subject can be. The comics in the comic section are full of how difficult children are. We hope you will find some balance in presenting this subject in a positive light as well. Our meetings are on the 2nd Friday of the month from noon to 2pm. Please feel free to contact me as there is a wealth of information that is truely criticle to the wellbeing of our culture. For example, C-Section deliveries are rapidly increasing as a choice, not a medical neccesity. There is research from around the world that reports significant problems with these babies over time. There are many women who have had natural births and described them as one of the most positively powerful experiences in there life. Thnk You. Kevin Burns, 343-9706

  2. Hi Jan, A few years ago, you spoke to the Eugene Downtown Lions Club and help us to raise money for an international project to prevent blindness–“Sight First”. We would like to have you back again as we are now raising funds for “Sight Firs2”. Please call me at 937-2885, if you would be interested. Best Regards, Jim Bradford

  3. Thanks to the readers posting here… as this is not my site, I wasn’t aware of these posts and I have not responded to your questions…

    Kevin, I hope you enjoyed the pregnancy series, which I think was handled very positively. I’m a big fan of natural childbirth, midwives, and home birth.

    Jim, you contact me at

    Alan… Stone Soup was just 10 years old on Nov. 20, 2005… but I definitely hope to make it to 20 in 2015!

    Cheers all…. Jan Eliot

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