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Ranan Laurie to leave print cartooning

Editor and Publisher is writing about Ranan Laurie’s UN painting but has mentioned what I consider a larger story that Lurie is leaving print cartooning. Before he left on his sabbatical, he had 1,105 subscribers to his cartoon.

“Political cartooning is going to change its character completely. It will become animation, sound, and color,” said Lurie, 73, who has already delved into political animation (E&P Online, Feb. 6, 2003). He said “still cartoons” are approaching the “horse and buggy” stage.

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#1 The Daily Cartoonist » Blog Archive » Washington Post looking for editorial animators
@ 10:05 am

[…] If you think print editorial cartooning is horse and buggy stage of its existance, and Mark Fiore is the future, you’ve got until the end of the year to prove to the Washington Post that you’re all that and a bag of chips. We’re looking for artists, animators and humorists to submit short-form (3 minutes or less) animated commentary focused on current political or topical issues. Entries must be designed, edited or distributed in digital form. […]

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