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The Return of Chirpy Comics by J+J Koterba

When Jeff Koterba isn’t drawing editorial cartoons, he’s collaborating with adult son Josh on the antics of Cat, Dog and Turtle.

The critters are the stars of the Koterbas’ feel-good comic strip, “Chirpy.” It debuted online in April, inspired by COVID-19 and self-isolation.

Jeff and Josh took a few weeks off from their Chirpy comic last month. They have recently returned with new strips and that is more than enough reason for the Omaha World Herald to feature their editorial cartoonist and his son in an article about their joint production.

The comic explores a wide variety of themes as the four-legged creatures ponder their existence and differences, the true nature of animals and why pets do what they do — all the while realizing at the end of the day, maybe they’re not so different after all.

Jeff has been the editorial cartoonist at the Omaha World-Herald since 1989, and his work now appears in more than 850 papers around the globe.

Josh honed his storytelling and social media skills while writing songs that have appeared on MTV and performing them all over the country.

Read the World Herald item.

Then read Chirpy on Facebook or Instagram.

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