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Spokane Spokesman-Review Comics Poll

The Spokane Spokesman-Review has a comic poll up.

Every few years, it’s good for a newspaper to take a look at its comics offerings to see if it’s time to change things up. That’s what we’re doing, and we want your help. We’re asking readers for their opinions.

Take our comics poll at

(The recently re-instated Non Sequitur is not listed as part of the poll.)


The Spokesman-Review Comic Strips Poll List
(August 12, 2019 – not listed: Non Sequitur, Carpe Diem)

Daily and Sunday comics:
Adam (@ Home)
Baby Blues
Dennis the Menace
For Better or For Worse
Funky Winkerbean
Hagar the Horrible
Pearls Before Swine
Rose is Rose
Sally Forth

Daily only comics:
Mallard Fillmore
Off the Mark
The Family Circus

Sunday only comics:
Get Fuzzy
Hi and Lois
Mort Walker’s Beetle Bailey
Sherman’s Lagoon





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