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CSotD: To the cartoonists who appear here

I have a number of links where I find cartoons and I tend to link back to those places, my intention being to help my readers find cartoonists to follow and to build traffic for those cartoonists.

But if linking you back to your syndicate or your Facebook or Twitter page isn’t helpful — particularly if you have a Patreon or other specific preferred URL you’d like me to link — I’m happy to do it. Email me at

(My advice is that you give readers the opportunity to follow your work before forcing them into a $$$ commitment, but the cartoons are yours and it’s entirely your choice.)

Let me know if you have a preference. CSotD exists to promote the medium.

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#1 Edward Misanko
@ 7:11 am

Thanks for The Daily Cartoonist.
It’s a very important part of life.

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