U.K. Political Cartoonists of the Year 2023 – Update: Suella Heckled, Adams Honored

Winners of The 2023 Ellwood Atfield Political Cartoon of the Year Awards have been announced.

Ellwood Atfield with The Political Cartoon Society and the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation hosted the awards which were presented on December 5, 2023 and announced on the Ellwood Atfield X/Twitter feed.

Winner of The Low Trophy (Winner, Political Cartoonist of the Year) is… Patrick Blower.

Winner of The Strube Spoon (Runner Up, Political Cartoonist of the Year) is… Steve Bell.

Winner of The Gillray Goblet Award (Winner, Political Cartoon of the Year) is… Christian Adams.

Winner of The Tenniel Tankard Award (Runner Up, Political Cartoon of the Year) is… Graeme Bandeira.

Winner of The (newly named) Tony Husband Award (Gag Cartoon) is… James Mellor.

Winner of The Mel Calman Award (Pocket Cartoon of the Year) is… Zoom Rockman.

Winners of The Osbert Lancaster Awards (Pocket Cartoonist of the Year) are.. Nick Newman, Jeremy Banx, and Tony Husband.

Ellwood Atfield offers galleries of the entries for Political Cartoons, Pocket Cartoons, and Gag Cartoons.

The Telegraph proudly displays a gallery of Political Cartoonist of the Year Patrick Blower cartoons from 2023.

December 6 Updates

The Standard celebrates Christian Adams taking The Political Cartoon of the Year Award at the

Standard cartoonist Christian Adams has picked up a prestigious award for one of his satirical sketches.

The winning illustration showed beleaguered Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as a Ken doll and was published shortly after the hit Barbie film came out.

Adams, who was presented with the award for Cartoon of the Year by former Home Secretary Suella Braverman on Tuesday night, said the drawing had been “fun to do”.

But making the news from the Awards show was guest Suella Braverman.

From The Standard:

Suella Braverman was guest of honour at the Ellwood Atfield Political Cartoon of the Year Awards last night, but the assembled scribblers were not in the honouring mood. She took the stage to panto boos and said “the heckling has started already”.

“Boy have you painted me horrifically,” she complained in her first speech since leaving government, “they say politics is show business for ugly people and judging by your cartoons of me that is definitely true.” “It’s called realism,” shouted one wag. “Ah, there we go,” she sighed. 

From The Daily Mail:

Former home secretary Suella Braverman was caught on camera challenging a heckler [reportedly The Guardian cartoonist Rebecca Hendin] who attempted to disrupt her speech at an awards show last night.

The ex-Cabinet minister, as she faced shouts from off-stage, told one audience member: ‘Would you like to come up, you’ve got so much to say?’

It came after Mrs Braverman joked about her depiction by cartoonists during the Ellwood Atfield Political Cartoon of the Year Awards.

TDC mate Mike Peterson has noted some of those Braverman depictions, with a particular spotlight here.