Something Different: Paper Adds a Comics Page

In a refreshing turn around from years of newspapers dropping comics, in part or in whole, comes news from Edmond Life & Leisure that they have added a comics page to the weekly.

From editor Steve Gust:

Welcome to a new era for Edmond Life & Leisure, your locally owned community newspaper.

On Page 18 of this week’s edition, we began a new feature, the comics page.

It’s a move we’ve considered for many months and one which we think you, the reader, will enjoy. Many casual followers of Life & Leisure know we regularly take on some heady topics, ranging from sales tax elections to a daily police arrest report. We also have a commentary page, which also covers some of the hard hitting news and issues facing our town, state and nation.

But every now and then it’s probably not a bad idea to step back and enjoy some of the lighter side of life.
That’s what the comic page offers.

Publisher Ray Hibbard, before digressing into the etymology of “see you in the funny papers,” notes that the new effort wasn’t without hiccups:

As you may have noticed on our front page, we now carry comics in Edmond Life & Leisure. As our editor, Steve Gust, wrote we have been considering them for several months. What he was nice enough not to say is that I made the first syndicated supplier of comic strips mad during the negotiations and they refused to do business with us. I was not mean or anything but did have a certain level of expectation for service. They sent me an e-mail and said we are closing your account only two days after they opened it. “We sure showed them,” was the comment from Mr. Gust.

I licked my wounds for a few weeks before we moved on to the next supplier of comic strip material. This time I let our able editor do the negotiations. It worked fine and the process went off with out a hitch. 

As you see King Features Syndicate was the next supplier.

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