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Michael De Adder wins 2020 Herblock Prize

The Herblock Foundation has announced their choice for the 2020 Herblock Prize:

Michael de Adder
Contributing cartoonist for both The Nib and Counterpoint

Matt Lubchansky
Contributing cartoonist for The Nib


From the Foundation about Michael de Adder:

The judges for the 2020 Herblock Prize stated: “There were many strong submissions in this moment of political crisis in America. The judges ultimately chose Michael de Adder for his elegant yet concise draftsmanship and his ability to distill complex issues into impactful visual statements. De Adder, who recently lost his job due to criticism of the American president, embodies Herblock’s standard of courageous independence, as defined in the award.”

You can find out more about him and see his work at:


The Foundation on Matt Lubchansky:

The 2020 Herblock Prize judges stated: “Matt Lubchansky is an up-and-coming artist whose work exemplifies the cadence and structure of a new generation. Their work was distinguished by a wise diversity of subject matter and a cleverly askew sense of humor.”

Find their work at:



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#1 Mike Lester
@ 4:01 pm

Well deserved congratulations to my man MdA.

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