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Jorge Longarón – RIP


Famed Spanish illustrator Jordi Longarón has passed away.

Jordi Longarón i Llopart
(aka: Jorge Longarón)
February 1 November 29, 1933 – May 10, 2019


Spanish comic artist Jordi Longarón made a name for himself throughout Europe;
in the United States he was known as Jorge Longarón, artist of the Friday Foster comic strip.

above: the first Friday Foster strip (January 18, 1970)


Friday Foster ran from 1970 to 1974 and Jorge drew most of the first four years of the strip.
Jorge talks about the strip this 2014 interview.


Ger Apeldoorn presents a gallery of Friday Foster Sundays,

while Comic Art Fans presents an assortment of daily strips.


The U. S. Friday Foster comic strip represents a few short years of a long career.


Jorge Longarón in 1970 and more recently


Hat tip to Michael Vassallo for the first Friday Foster and Javier Mesón for the notice of passing.




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