Olivia Jaimes Interviewed on GoComics Blog

Over at the GoComics blog, reclusive Nancy cartoonist Olivia Jaimes is interviewed. The interview seems to predate the #sluggoislit movement on twitter.

From the interview:

GoComics: How about the reaction among Nancy fans? Have you had much interaction with them since April? Do you pay much attention to their comments (we love your Aug. 19 strip about the “exact right temperature to leave a nice comment”)?

Jaimes:  I get a very filtered version of the general sentiment from my friends, but otherwise try to avoid all comments and will tuck and roll out of the room the moment somebody starts to bring them up.

This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate having fans (I DEFINITELY DO); it’s just that, if I read too many nice things, I really will become way too pleased with myself and comics production will grind to a halt while I preen at myself in the mirror. Meanwhile, whenever I read a single unkind thing, I’m bitter about it for the next six weeks. So it’s really more efficient for me to pretend only my editor and my parents are reading these, and then occasionally hear that “people liked the one yesterday” from my mom. 


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