Karen Moy is Worthy

Karen Moy has been the credited writer of the Mary Worth comic strip since 2004. Two years ago she was joined by artist June Brigman, and for the first time since 1939 women were the creative team of Mary Worth.

Kurt J. Kolka interviews Karen about her background, her comic strip career, and Mary Worth’s future.

I was a fan of my predecessor John Saunders and admired his work a great deal. When he became ill, I volunteered to write “Mary Worth” until he recovered. I was already ghostwriting other strips [for King Features]. I submitted sample stories and my editor approved them before I was hired to write “Mary Worth.” When John Saunders sadly did not recover, I kept writing the strip and eventually got my own byline.

Anybody know what strips she was ghosting as an assistant to Editor Jay Kennedy?

Karen on the two artists she has worked with on the comic strip:

Joe Giella is a legend. He has been involved in some capacity with practically every character in the DC Silver Age universe including The Flash, Batman, and The Green Lantern. His background is in superhero comic books and yet for the 25 years that he drew “Mary Worth” for newspapers, he never complained about the pacing that newspaper strips require. He’s a real gentleman and a legendary artist. I loved working with him.

June Brigman is the current artist whom I work with on “Mary Worth.” I actually sought her out when I knew Joe was ready to retire. I knew of her work on “Brenda Starr” and I knew she’s familiar with the demands of a continuity newspaper strip. Most people know her from her preteen superhero comic book “Power Pack”. She’s an incredible artist and I love her work on “Mary Worth”.

I’ve been very lucky to have worked with these two amazing artists.

Kurt Kolka’s interest, as a writer for North Michigan Christian Voice, was a recent story about faith. Karen expands:

Tommy has made some unfortunate choices in life, ones that led him to addiction, prison time, job loss, relationship turmoil, you name it. But as he was told in the most recent story, we learn from our mistakes. He doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. He’s lucky to have a mother in Iris, and a friend in Mary, who guide him as they do. Part of that guidance involves reminding him of a Higher Power, and during his darkest days, he surrenders to it. We all have problems, we’re only human. Sometimes it helps to remember that we’re all in this together, and we are connected by Love and Spirit.

Read the entire interview here.



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