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Judge blocks police search for anonymous cartoonist

The drama in Renton WA over a series of animated videos mocking the local police department has taken a twist. A county judge has blocked the police search for the anonymous “cartoonist” (AKA “Mrfuddlesticks”) after a Seattle attorney filed a motion to quash the previous two search warrants on the grounds that the police department had gone “prosecutor shopping.

While the stay might provide some relief for civil rights advocates, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that the Renton City Attorney Larry Warren, who has now taken over the case for the police department, says that this case isn’t over.

But Renton City Attorney Larry Warren, whose office is now handling the case, said the stay was just a momentary halt. He noted the judge had postponed his ruling because of a scheduling conflict.
“Any materials we get (from the warrants), we’re telling police to put in an sealed envelope to wait for the judge’s decision,” Warren said.
The videos are no longer on YouTube. But at least one of them, uploaded by the account name “whothehellispenny,” still exists here at

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