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Gannett Execs get millions; journalists shown the door

Rob Tornoe notes:

In addition, Gannett continued their furlough strategy for the first quarter of this year, forcing all non-union employees to take a week off without pay. Meanwhile, Gannett’s board of directors will likely pay top executives millions of dollars in bonuses this year, in part for making employees take furloughs.

Community Comments

#1 Milt Priggee
@ 2:26 pm

A newspaper is a cash cow…however the managers milk it ….is irrelevant to the employees, their readers and their country.
Good Luck America!

#2 Jeff Stanson
@ 5:54 pm

Same thing happening in just about every other industry in the US. Corporate leaders no longer care about producing a product, just about what they can get for themselves. Although the corporations deny it, there’s an immorality about robbing people of their livelihood in order to have more for yourself.

#3 Beth Cravens
@ 12:42 pm

That’s what happens when any product is corporatized. I don’t see how those execs earned their keep to be honest.

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