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Profiled: Ryan North creator of Dinosaur Comics

Zack Smith writes about Dinosaur Comics creator Ryan North and his successful anthology that briefly became Amazon’s number one book Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die.

Nrama: The book became almost a rallying point for webcomics creators, given the extent of the collaboration and push it received. You have so many disparate creators working in independent comics, online and in hard copy, but it seems like in situations such as this, they’re really able to come together in collaboration. This is a long and overly-wordy way of asking: How would you characterize the sense of community among comic creators online?

North: “Terrific?” It was immensely satisfying, after being told for years by publishers that the book was great but wouldn’t sell because there were no big names attached to it, to put the book out and have it go to #1 on Amazon. And that was helped by the contributors posting and tweeting about the book that day! If that’s not a community coming together I don’t know what is.

Machine of Death’s is co-edited by Matthew Bennardo and David Malki

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