Big Nate book debuts as #5 on NYT best seller list

Lincoln Peirce’s first of six novelized Big Nate books debuted at #5 on the New York Times best seller list in the children’s category. The books published by HarperCollins and is entitled, “Big Nate: In a Class by Himself

10 thoughts on “Big Nate book debuts as #5 on NYT best seller list

  1. Wow, truly impressive. But I wish it was all cartoons, to show em all!

    I’m happy to contribute comments here, but I noticed yesterday that comments here are indexed by Google, and my magazine editors (of the magazines still standing) are more sensitive than paper editors, and still think my cartoons are created by magic, so I don’t want my whining here all over the internet.

    So I’ll start using my last initial, if that’s okay with Alan.

  2. Norm,

    So is your name Alan now?

    I already had one editor of a woman’s magazine tell me they don’t want “controversial” cartoons. I’m not going to use my professional name for comments here, and I guess some other cartoonists feel the same way, as a handful wrote to me this past week, far more famous than I, to support my comments here.

    I bow to Alan. My website is linked, and if I can use Donna B that would be great, or even Donna Nobody, to fit the format.

  3. You could also just not say incredibly foolish and embarrassing things about other cartoonists on a public forum if you’re so worried about your “reputation.”

    Back up what you say or go home. You don’t seem to have a problem using your full name on your own website where you comment and complain about cartoons; what’s your problem here?

  4. Ooooh, Donna, what famous people privately supported your public comments? Was it Paris Hilton? I’m like, so totally impressed. Famous people are instantly smart.

    I think I’ve met you. Weren’t you everybody I ever worked with in Los Angeles?

    If my girls grow up with your value system I’ll consider myself a failure as a parent.

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