‘Get Your War On’ battles Jamba Juice

A recent ad campaign by Jamba Juice to promote their lunch specials appears highly similar to David Rees’ “Get Your War On” webcomic style which has David concerned that it might appear that he’s involved with the campaign, even though “Get Your War On” was retired in January.

Rees, who started making clip-art comics while temping at Tufts in 1999, has taken to the Internet to ensure people know that he is not on the juice. Last month, Rees launched “Jamba Juice Week” – a comedic crusade against the company featuring the banner slogan “Juice Sucks, Drink Wine” – on his Web site (mnftiu.cc). Humorist John Hodgman and scads of journalists, bloggers, and readers have joined the fatwa against Jamba.

Rees had originally called for a full boycott of Jamba Juice, but repealed that part of the campaign after a reader complained that it would hurt everyone at the company, including the college students working the register.

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