News Briefs for August 4, 2009

Comic Strips

» The Aaugh Blog has an interesting post on who draws (and doesn’t draw) the Peanuts characters that appear in merchandising.

» Who does this @#$@ think he is? Sure we all have lists of comics we don’t like, but comics favorites are so subjective, it’s hard for anyone to really argue who’s work is lame. But who am I to argue with a TV-radio critic? I’m sure he’s a closet comic genius.

» Seems to be a rash of cameos and cross-overs in the last couple of weeks. Richard Thompson finds out he was in last Sunday’s Lio.


» Mike Rhode’s blog reminds me that The Union of Concerned Scientists is running its annual editorial cartoon contest now.

Editorial Cartooning

» Rob Tornoe reports that Thomas Nast may not be deserving of the oft-cited claim that he was the originator of the iconic donkey to represent the Democratic party.


» Scott Nickel interviews Stephanie Piro of Six Chix as well as Corey Pandolph of The Elderberries, Barkeater Lake, Toby, Robot Satan, and Green with Envy.

» Tom Racine’s Tall Talk Radio interviews webcomickers Dawn Griffin of Zorphbert and Fred and T.L. Collins Bullfinch.

Magazine Comics

» Paul Gilligan, creator of Pooch Cafe, posts his latest cartoon he did for MAD Magazine.

Pop Culture

» Joe Blundo of the The Columbus Dispatch looks at soldiers in pop culture including Beetle Bailey and Bill Mauldin’s Willie and Joe


» David Reddick’s Legends of Bill signs with Blank Label Comics.

4 thoughts on “News Briefs for August 4, 2009

  1. About your 2nd item, the guy who wrote which comics are the worst. You can tell he was desperate to get a hot topic for the HuffPost, so he figured, comics! That will get all the nerds going! I’ll just throw in an anecdote, promote myself, and I’m on!

    But only 38 comments, so try again.

    Also, can he name any other cartoonists he’s seen on TV, so he can compare them to Cathy? I didn’t think so.

  2. He’s an unusually unpleasant and self-promoting example of the beast, but the central problem he represents is idiots who don’t understand that the comics page is a something-for-everyone feature, and that, in fact, the entire newspaper should be.

    Granted, there are a lot of newspaper editors so terrified of the blue hair brigade that they are scared to put anything in the paper that might not appeal to that demographic, it’s just as stupid to envision a paper that appeals only to self-referential hipsters.

    And so dies a medium, caught between conflicting stupidities …

  3. Wow, congratulations to Legend of Bill and all of it’s talented team – James V. West, Steve Ogden, Scott Christian Sava, Howard Taylor, Barry T. Smith, Anthony Furtado, Mark Mekkes, Steve LeCouilliard….plus, many, many more…

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