Drew Litton starts “Creator’s Incubator” blog

Drew Litton, former Rocky Mountain News sports cartoonist, has started a new blog called “Creator’s Incubator” – a blog dedicated to the creative process, tips and techniques. The blog’s audience is geared to cartoonists, writers and songwriters. He’s inviting any professional cartoonist to email him a list of five things that help them create which he’ll feature in future installments. His latest post features the five things that he learned about Jeff Smith, creator of Bone in the documentary, “The Cartoonist.”

Drew is still drawing his daily sports cartoons which is syndicated through United Media.

3 thoughts on “Drew Litton starts “Creator’s Incubator” blog

  1. That’s a great idea! The web site design is nice, as well — love Drew’s drawing style. I think it would well be worth my while to check in on Drew’s exploration from time to time, as someone who is on a similar journey.

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