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Ruben Bolling raises $277 for product placement

About a month ago, I reported that Ruben Bolling was auctioning off space in his Tom The Dancing Bug for a product placement. The proceeds are to be donated to “The Committee To Protect Journalist.” He reports that the final bid was $277, but did not disclose the winner.

The product will run in an “unobtrusively yet noticeably placed in an upcoming ‘Super-Fun-Pak Comix’ installment of the comic strip.”

Community Comments

#1 Keith Knight
@ 1:44 pm

That would be Ruben Bolling, not Tom Tomorrow.

#2 Keith Knight
@ 1:45 pm

Whoops..Forget it . You already changed it.

#3 Brian Fies
@ 5:41 pm

Gee, if I’d known it’d go for that little, I might’ve bid on it myself. Someone might have gotten themselves a bargain.

For a good cause, of course.

#4 Brian Powers
@ 7:07 pm

I could have used the publicity. Maybe Garfield will do it next.

#5 Tony Piro
@ 1:13 am

Wow, that’s not very much!

#6 Tom Heintjes
@ 6:32 am

Ah well. I was in for Hogan’s Alley but got outbid. Still, it was fun just to be part of!

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