News Briefs for February 17, 2009

» After 20 years, The Simpson’s has a new intro. I’m glad to see the inclusion of more characters, but I still prefer the classic intro.

» uClick (the tech company behind Universal Press Syndicate) is the number #1 mobile comic distributed for iPhone and iPod Touch. uClick CEO was on CNNMoney touting his iPhone funny pages.

» Pixar is ramping up the promotions for its upcoming “Up” release (May 29). The latest morsel is a short clip called “Animal Calling.” Be warned, it contains spoilers (albeit benign ones at that)

» Editorial cartoonists Dan Wasserman (The Boston Globe), Mike Luckovich (The Atlanta Journal Constitution) and Joel Pett (Lexington Herald-Leader) were at the John F. Kennedy Library & Museum for President’s Day to talk about how they chronicle presidential elections.

» The Centre Daily Times is holding a paper ballot poll to see which comics they should include in their comics page. Trying to shave off some of the syndicate costs, they’re combining puzzles and comics on one page. The low vote getting comics will left off the funny pages.

» David Horsey went to D.C. to attend the National Press Foundation’s 26th annual awards dinner which he reports was a gloom and doom fest.

4 thoughts on “News Briefs for February 17, 2009

  1. Can’t say I like the new Simpsons opening. The animation is really stiff (compare Marge’s reaction to Maggie in the shopping bag in the original vs. the new intro). Come on, a little squish-and-squash doesn’t hurt!

    That said, Otto eating that green nuclear-bar-thing gave me a chuckle and the couch gag wasn’t too bad, even if it was super-long.

  2. Just saw it.


    Maybe it’s just because the Simpsons themselves should have packed it in about 5 years ago.
    They ought to change the show’s name to “The Threadbare’s” in tribute to it’s humor.

    I’m not a huge “Family Guy” fan, but I do occasionally catch myself laughing out loud at it.

    My reaction to the last few Simpsons I’ve seen is more like “eh,…meh.”

  3. I absolutely love the first 7 or 8 seasons of the Simpsons, it started sliding down hill from there. What is it up to now, 20, 21? Should have ended at 12, tops.

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