Webcomics Weekend slated for March 20-22

The guys behind Dumbrella, Topatoco, and Octopus Pie are starting a Webcomics Weekend event in Easthampton, (MA) scheduled for March 20-22. The event is also described as an open studio where artists can come talk shop, tour the studios where they make webcomics and ship their merchandise. A who’s who list webcomickers are listed as the guest cartoonists which include: Bill Barnes – Unshelved, Andrew Bell – Creatures in My Head, Sam Brown – Exploding Dog, Jorge Cham – Piled High & Deeper, Steven Cloud – Boy on a Stick and Slither, Danielle Corsetto – Girls With Slingshots, Rene Engstrom – Anders Loves Maria, Meredith Gran – Octopus Pie, KC Green – Gun Show, Horribleville, Brad Guigar – Evil, Inc., Chris Hastings – Dr. McNinja
Jeph Jacques – Questionable Content, Scott Kurtz – PvP, Vincent LaBate – Kittyhawk, David Malki! – Wondermark, David McGuire – Gastrophobia, Randy Milholland – Something Positive, Eric Millikin – Fetus X, Ryan North – Dinosaur Comics, Jon Rosenberg – Goats, Jeffrey Rowland – Wigu, Overcompensating, Paul Southworth – Ugly Hill, R. Stevens – Diesel Sweeties, Kris Straub – Starslip, Chainsawsuit, Zach Weiner – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, David Willis – Shortpacked, Chris Yates – Reprographics and Jeff Zugale – Just a Bit Off

Admission is free. Visit their website for more information.

3 thoughts on “Webcomics Weekend slated for March 20-22

  1. This is a fantastic line up. The more and more I hear about this, and see who’s going the more I want to attend myself. I’ve almost convinced myself the 7 hour drive is worth it.

  2. Sadly I’ve got family in town during March, and won’t be able to break away for the event. I know most of the people on that list personally, and can assure all comers that it will be worth the drive… or the flight, for that matter.

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