NCS and AAEC Convention Updates

Both the National Cartoonists Society (NCS) and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC) have posted updates concerning their upcoming 2024 conventions.

Since the NCS’ Reubens Banquet and Awards come first – August 22-24, 2024 – we will start with them.

Reuben Playbill Ads ON SALE thru July 16

The NCS update has to do with getting your ad into the 78th Annual Reuben Awards Playbill:

The full-color collectible NCS Conference and Reuben Awards Playbill – with a feature on every nominee and conference session – is given to every attendee at the Conference and Reuben Awards dinner and an interactive digital edition is distributed digitally to over 1500 industry contacts. 

By purchasing an ad, you not only showcase your work but also support the NCS community.  As a nonprofit organization, the NCS relies on generous contributions to fuel its mission of fostering creativity and camaraderie among cartoonists worldwide. Your support will help us continue to hold our annual Reuben Awards and Conference as well as expand our year-round virtual programming. 

Details on the deadline and buying and designing full page, half page, or quarter page ads are here.

See last year’s Reuben Awards Playbill for what to expect.

The AAEC update concerns fees and hotel booking for the October 3-6, 2024 convention.

From Association of American Editorial Cartoonists President Wes Tyrell:

I am able to finally share booking information for our Montreal hotel as well as the convention fee for the 2024 gathering. We have a link on our ACC website where all ACC and AAEC attendees pay for their convention fee which will be $250 CDN.

The Hotel Zero1 will be your home during your stay in Montreal for October 3-6, 2024. It is in a fine location, near old Montreal and a pleasant walk or uber to our venues at the University of Quebec and the McCord Museum [pictured above below]. We encourage people to book right away as it is a boutique hotel and space is limited. Rooms which will be held for us until the 1st of September, at which point they will be released.

More details include room pricing and links to the same are available here.

Once all is done Wes requests you contact the AAEC “so we can plan your welcome parade accordingly.”

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  1. Americans planning to attend the AAEC/ACC conference should remember that you need a passport to get into Canada. If you don’t have one, or it’s close to expiration, you should do something about that soon in order to have it in hand by October. If you’re driving, there are alternatives, but you should check the rules and make sure you’re prepared.

    More details here:

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