Luann Guest Artist: Jay Fosgitt

Who better to draw an imaginary tale of Shannon being a “good little girl” than a guy who makes a troll fun?

© Jay P. Fosgitt

After the first panel, drawn by creator Greg Evans, of today’s Luann comic strip Jay Fosgitt takes on drawing the Luann dailies for two weeks (Greg And Karen Evans remain as the writers of the sequence) as Toni imagines what her brattish, high-strung niece would have been like if she and Brad had raised her.

Jay, at his Threads and Facebook feeds, has noted his guest stint on Luann:

My twelve-episode run as guest artist on Greg Evans’ LUANN comic strip starts today! Greg and his daughter Karen wrote the strips, and Greg drew the opening panel of today’s strip!

Other than Jay’s homepage more background on the cartoonist can be had at LinkedIn and Amazon.

33 thoughts on “Luann Guest Artist: Jay Fosgitt

    1. I can’t stand the new artwork of the Luann strip. It’s so painful I am going to quit reading it. The previously drawn characters had real character. The new version is a completely different strip and is not enjoyable. I miss the old Brad – I miss everyone! Please return to the original artwork.

  1. The characters are unrecognizable except. Only the name of the strip reveals who they are.

      1. This new version of Luann is not The Luann that I’ve been reading for years and love. Please go back to original version. Won’t be interested in reading this current version

  2. Jay is there for the two week fictional What If tale.
    Greg art and the non-fiction Luann storyline returns July 8.

  3. NO Thank you!! The new characters don’t even look remotely like the original ones. They look like cutsy little dwarfs. I get it that Greg is tired of drawing hundreds of strips BUT — Can’t you get AI or something to draw it to look more like your originals????
    Please don’t keep this going.

  4. Is Greg Evans on vacation? I’m so looking forward to the return of the real characters.

  5. I understand the disappointment with the change in art styles, but…
    the disparagement of Jay Fosgitt is way off base and uncalled for since it is a short arc, and is part of Greg and Karen’s idea to show a different look at the characters in an imaginary tale.

    When Greg and Karen decided on a Toni daydream sequence and then have a guest artist draw it my reaction was that it was a clever and original move. Yes, Jay’s art style is different but that was part of the plan. Jay’s art is pleasing to the eye and he has a clean line without cluttering up the panels – perfect for today’s newspapers that print comic strips in postage stamp size.

    C’mon, it is a two week temporary gig. The negative reactions have been over the top, especially considering it was your favorite cartoonists’ idea.

      1. Just a reminder that the idea, the plot, the gags, and the script are all by the Evanses;
        Fosgitt is only doing the art (from Greg’s roughs?).

  6. I think we’re reading why most artists who take over a strip, used to start by imitating the former artist. It also worries me that folks either missed or ignored the entire article about “two weeks” temp imaginary dream story.
    I personally found Jay just fine.

  7. Lost imterest in Luann! Was a big fan until this animation appeared. I will skip this one in future

    1. Um, did you read the comments above to see that this is TEMPORARY while Greg and daughter take a break? Good grief, people, it’s a comic strip!!! I think it’s a delightful portrayal of Toni and Brad’s naivete about what raising a toddler would be like.

  8. The new drawings are nice – for some other comic strip. I like the originals…cannot wait for them to return.

  9. I had to go on the internet to find out what has happened to the original Luann. Thank God that Greg Evans will be returning.

  10. G & K are on holiday and have called in someone to help out. It has been said here and elsewhere that the story was already written by G & K and the guest artist will take it from there. Many don’t take any time off and are at the drawing board/computer screen 365 days of the year. This has been an interesting time with Luann. Give the creators a break.

  11. Can’t wait until this 2 week run is over. Miss the original artist. Characters aren’t recognizable – it is like reading a completely different comic strip (which I am not enjoying).

  12. I read LuAnn for the original but enduringly inventive story arcs of the multiple characters. Watching nerds grow up into fully rounded characters and beauty queens rattle down as life’s realities hit hard seems real and grabs and keeps my attention. Part of me is watching the craft and part of me is loving the storyline. As a closet filmmaker, I appreciate what I see. Telling compelling stories about ordinary people is a talent few ever develop when telling stories. The dialog created by Greg Evan’s is really amazing in an understated way. So, yes, I miss that most on the current detour. I’ll wait it out and watch to see when the writing and animation grab my attention. So far… nope.

  13. I can’t wait for Greg Evans to come back. Each day is worse than the one before with Fosgitt. I used to love LuAnn. Now I am disappointed and if this new guy continues, I won’t.

  14. Awful awful awful. This would have been a decent idea for a few days, but not this long!!! Really unpleasant.

  15. I’ve read the caveats and still don’t like it. The lines are not clean and clear; it’s hard to correlate the words and the drawings, sorry y’all

  16. The artwork by this guest cartoonist is painful to look at. It’s ghastly, and if it goes on much longer I’ll stop reading what was my favorite comic strip.

    Also, the storyline is painfully saccharine and corny.

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