Creators Synd. Withholding Strips From GoComics?

A number of new content comic strips that Creators Syndicate holds the copyright to
have not been updated to GoComics since Sunday November 6.

Diamond Lil, Dogs of C Kennel, Heathcliff, Scary Gary, Strange Brew, The Barn, and Zack Hill are among the comics not updated to the GoComics site for the past two days. They are all properties copyrighted by Creators. These strips are still being loaded daily to the Creators site and to the Arcamax page (where you can also read the never-provided-to-GoComics Shrimp & Grits).


Comic strips distributed by Creators with copyrights held by the cartoonists or their studios are still being updated at GoComics. These comics include Agnes, B.C., Daddy’s Home, Flo & Friends,
Free Range, Rubes, Speed Bump, The Other Coast, and Wizard of Id.

One Big Happy has, at the request of cartoonist Rick Detorie, never offered the current strips to GoComics.

Creators Syndicate copyrighted strips that are in reruns continue on GoComics: Dog Eat Doug, Momma, and Wee Pals. Herb and Jamaal is in reruns this week and is available on GoComics.

There are outliers.

Andy Capp, copyrighted MGN, is not being updated to GoComics. Neither are the Working It Out reprints which are copyrighted Charlos Gary. The Meaning of Lila, © Creators, with ‘updated’ reruns are not updated so far this week.

(Aside: The weekly For Heaven’s Sake (© Creators) didn’t update Monday)

Though hiccups in uploading comics to sites occur fairly regularly,
it is strange that this time it is only the strips copyrighted by Creators that are affected

7 thoughts on “Creators Synd. Withholding Strips From GoComics?

  1. Heathcliff at least has returned with no explanation for the absence, but also with the missing strips.

  2. Yes, all Creators comics, ‘cepting For Heaven’s Sake, seem to have returned to GoComics with their recent archives.
    All is right with the GoComics subscribers’ world.

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