Sunday Smorgasbord

A new Trubble Town book is the rational for a new Stephan Pastis interview.

© Stephan Pastis

STEPHAN: Yes, I’m sure I will be doing that once again. I try to draw 14 Pearls strips every week that I’m home, which buys me 26 free weeks a year to write other books and travel. Next week, I’m headed to Copenhagen, eastern Germany, Poland, and Prague.

TOM: That’s amazing, because most cartoonists wrestle with the non-ending schedule of daily comic strips. Are you still working with pen and ink or have you moved to digital yet?

STEPHAN: Pen and ink on a flat desk with a manual pencil sharpener. About the only old-school component I don’t use is candlelight. For light, I have transitioned to electricity.

Tom Falco’s recent 10 with Tom features Stephan Pastis. 


Credit Due?

© MacNelly

This month marks two years since Ben Lansing began signing the Shoe daily comic strip.
Isn’t it about time he got added to the credit line at the Shoe website?
Which in turn would get him added to the credits at Comics Kingdom and GoComics.

A new Pigeon book is a good reason for a Mo Willems interview.

© Mo Willems

What’s your favorite book no one else has heard of?

I hope people have heard of Keith Houston’s book “The Book.” It’s a great book about the history of books.

What book should everybody read before the age of 21?

“Peanuts” collections. Any of them. All of them. Often.

What book should nobody read until the age of 40?

I would never age out a curious reader. Instead, I’d ask someone in midlife to go back and reread their “Peanuts” collections. Any of them. All of them. Often.

The New York Times interviews the author prior to the new Pigeon release this Tuesday.

Some of us are looking forward to the release of An Elephant & Piggie Biggie 5 in October.



Mark Trail © North America Syndicate; The Far Side © Gary Larsen

Today’s Mark Trail reminds us to note a new addition to Gary Larsen’s The Far Side.


Editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich also has a new book and a new interview…

© Mike Luckovich

but I can’t break The Atlanta Journal-Constitution paywall the interview is hiding behind. The bookstores and booksites have no barrier to ordering The Twisted History of the GOP by Mike Luckovich.


This will be mandatory!

I have checked in with the Reed Brennan Media Advisories for years and am accustomed to their regular correction notices (see above). But a recent Candorville communication to customers is new. 
A MANDATORY correction:


Caricaturist and political cartoonist Steve Brodner also has a book and interview this month.

© Steve Brodner

The interview/conversation will be held mid-September:

Don’t miss Steve Brodner in conversation with Rick Meyerowitz at the Society of Illustrators to celebrate the release of Living and Dying in America: A Daily Chronicle 2020-2022! Every day, late at night or early in the morning, from March 26, 2020 to January 1, 2022, the political cartoonist and illustrator Steve Brodner would get to work. In those midnight hours, he would review the day’s reportage, sit down at his drawing board, and memorialize a singular person or event that played a role, willingly or unwillingly, in shaping that day.

Living & Dying in America: A Daily Chronicle 2020-2022 will also be available mid-September.


Charles Schulz, Philosopher

© Peanuts Worldwide

Aristotle he was not. Neither was he Plato nor Socrates. And yet — known to us all — he was one of the finest philosophers of our time. Born right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Charles M. Schulz was every man’s hero. The man on the street needed neither a PhD nor a pilgrimage to Mecca in order to understand his wisdom.

Peggy Keener, for The Austin Daily Herald, applauds The Peanuts Principle.


And then there’s The Ditko Doctrine

© the Estate of Steve Ditko

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