Andy Marlette & Pensacola News Journal Part Ways

It appears Andy Marlette, the last staff editorial cartoonist for a
Gannett newspaper, has left his position at The Pensacola News Journal.

The Andy Marlette page at seems to indicate that the
cartoonist no longer is on staff at The Pensacola News Journal.

Andy’s farewell(?) column and cartoon is behind a paywall so we don’t know if
he accepted a buyout, was laid off, quit, fired, or is leaving to colonize Mars.

Andy, as of this writing, remains on The PNJ staff page.

The latest Marlette cartoon at Creators Syndicate no longer carries
Pensacola News Journal as part of the signature credit.


2022 marked 15 years of Andy being part of The News Journal staff
as graphic artist, illustrator, columnist and editorial cartoonist.

This is breaking news to The Daily Cartoonist, an update is assured.


One thought on “Andy Marlette & Pensacola News Journal Part Ways

  1. Andy’s column was the first thing I read! He tells it like it is ! Don’t let this journalist quit how will we know what is really happening in Pensacola! I love his cartoons so please,please stay

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