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Gagwomen, Interviews, New Web Comic, Books, and Guest Stars in This Weekend Roundup

A new co-signature appeared this week in the Bliss panel.

© Harry Bliss

A commenter at GoComics guessed Cary Stringfield, a web developer and cartoonist.
With no proof I propose an alternative – Anne Stringfield, aka Mrs. Steve Martin
(Steve Martin has been offering gags to Harry Bliss for a while now).
From The Famous People website (since Wikipedia has no entry for Ms. Stringfield):

Anne Stringfield is an American writer and former staffer for the New Yorker magazine who is better known as the second wife of veteran actor and comedian Steve Martin. She was a fact-checker for the publication when she met her future husband in the mid-2000s. For some time, she worked as a freelance writer for the ‘Vogue’ magazine.

Anne keeps a very low profile so it is iffy whether any confirmation is forthcoming.



Leigh Rubin is a cartoonist, whose single-panel cartoons appear in more than 400 newspapers worldwide. In his career, he has created more than 14,000 cartoons. nd he’s picked 300 of the best for his new book, Rubes: Twisted Pop Culture. We interviewed him in February, 2022.

Leigh Rubin discusses numerous panels chosen by interviewer Rodger Nichols from Leigh’s new book Twisted Pop Culture, along with his career and cartooning in general (an alternative must be offered if any gag panel has a gun in it).

© Leigh Rubin

You can order a copy of the book directly from the publisher at…. And for more fun and games, check out his website,



But is it art?

© Guy Richards Smit

Art Whirled is a new series of weekly cartoons on Artnet News that poke fun at the extremely ripe target of the art world and art market.

The mind behind the cartoons, Guy Richards Smit, is an artist known for his paintings, video installations, musicals, performance work and even a sitcom, exploring themes of narcissism, desire, power and failure.

Art Whirled by Guy Richards Smit started its weekly run last month.



Grandinetti is well-known in Watertown and beyond for his cable show “Drawing with Fred,” which has aired on Watertown Cable Access Corporation and many other towns for the past 30 years.


Cartoonist and pop culture historian Fred Grandinetti is profiled by Watertown’s Wicked Local.

Grandinetti began his writing career in 1983 with articles about Popeye’s animation career as well as Popeye’s extended family of characters including Swee’pea and Brutus.

His newest book, which took him three years to write, focuses on the history of “Popeye the Sailor” color cartoons for television produced from 1960 to 1962.



Join us for an evening with one of The New Yorker‘s noted “funny ladies” for insider tales of her pen-wielding ancestors and today’s witty colleagues.

Can’t join us live? Your ticket will give you access to the recording for 30 days following the event.

Interview details here.

No review of Liza Donnelly’s Very Funny Ladies as I just got it yesterday
and need to finish another book before starting this one.


We’ll assume you saw the Eno guest shot in Lola earlier this week.

© Todd Clark

But we’ll bet you missed the Detective Riley guest spot in Strange Brew a month ago.

© Creators Syndicate

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#1 Andréa Denninger
@ 9:21 am

I purchased the Harry Bliss/Steve Martin book, ‘A Wealth of Pigeons: A Cartoon Collection’ some time ago and highly recommend it. I’m not a Steve Martin fan, except for ‘My Blue Heaven’, but I did like the collaboration.

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