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Bloom County to Return as Animated Series

Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County comic strip is in development as an animated television series with the creator as co-writer and executive producer.

From Variety:

Ack! Bill the Cat, Opus and the rest of Berkeley Breathed’s “Bloom County” universe are heading to Fox. The comic strip, created and written by Berkeley Breathed, is being developed as an animated series at Fox, through its animation studio, Bento Box Entertainment, as well as Miramax, Spyglass Media Group and Project X Entertainment.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The project’s official description: “Bloom County centers on a collapsed lawyer, a lobotomized cat and a penguin in briefs and fruit headwear living in the world’s last boarding house in the world’s most forgotten place deep in the dandelion wilds of FlyWayWayOver country. To wit, today’s America at a glance.”

Not to put a downer on this but “in development” means “maybe”.

If the project is greenlit, Bloom County would presumably join the likes of Family Guy and The Simpsons in Fox’s Sunday animated lineup.

But Bloom County and Berkeley Breathed are very successful
so the likelihood of this being seen all the way through is high.

From Berkely Breathed’s Bloom County Facebook page:

Dear Bloomers, it’s official: a Bloom County animated series is in the works.

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