Dan Piraro Unmuzzled

Dan Piraro recently talked to radio host Duncan Strauss about Bizarro and so much more.

Piraro enthuses about life in Mexico, raving about the culture, the country’s art scene, and more. He observes that his new home has provided fresh artistic inspiration … Piraro himself sounds more than a little thrilled as he recounts the discovery that a new artistic impulse turned out to be the beginning of “Peyote Cowboy,” his graphic novel … writing it all down, which he’s completed, and he’s gradually been illustrating it, unveiling new installments of the saga on https://peyotecowboy.net/

Of course, he has more time for such pursuits since taking the momentous step of semi-retiring from “Bizarro.” Discussing how he arrived at this significant career move, Piraro says the decision was driven partly by the fatigue from needing to come up with a brand new, viable joke every day for 35 years, and recognizing that in the cartoonist Wayno—who had already made some contributions to “Bizarro”—he had a colleague and friend who could take on the daily duties of the strip. You really must hear Piraro describe this uniquely symbiotic relationship, and how generous and complimentary he is toward Wayno’s work on “Bizarro,” which, after all, is one of the most singular comics in the annals of cartooning.

At the bottom of the introduction here is the 40 minute interview.

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