A Day in the Life, or Every Little Thing

Sometimes a cartoonist’s final draft doesn’t work.

Artist Jim Keefe finished a Sally Forth strip and then had second thoughts.

Do you see the difference from the black and white original and the color panel that was published?

© King Features Syndicate

From Jim’s Facebook page:

Pen and ink establishing shot for today’s Sally Forth (2/7/2022). Realized after the fact that the trees shouldn’t have leaves on them in February. Fixed it digitally but unsure who would’ve noticed with how small the details are.


Elsewhere it is Wayno and his daily Bizarro panel which,
like all comic strips, go out in black and white and in a color version.

© Bizarro Studios

No problem – draw it in black and white then throw a color layer on top.

But this one was not so easy. Wayno explains:

Pun Day arrived on Tuesday this week. This gag required some extra preparation for print. The main drawing was simple, but it took much longer to design the psychedelic background and to choose colors for it.

I tried to make that background work in the black & white panel, but it turned into a cluttered mess, so I deleted it for this one. In order to show the complete figure in the strip version, I turned it into a vertical layout, with elaborate background in color strip only.

So after coming up with the pun Wayno had to draw the background for the vertical panel, redraw it for the horizontal panel, and then come up with that spotlight image for the black and white model.

Just a day in the life of cartoonists taking care of the little things.