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Millions for Berke Breathed’s Mountaintop Estate

While not every writer or artist requires seclusion for focus and/or inspiration, it seems award-winning cartoonist and children’s book author Berkeley Breathed has benefitted well from the relative (if luxurious) isolation afforded him at his long-time mountaintop estate on the outskirts of Santa Barbara, California. Squirreled away at the end of narrow road that makes a dizzying wind up through the foothills, Breathed’s secluded spread is newly for sale through The Ebbin Group at Compass at $6.875 million. reports on Berkeley Breathed‘s breathtaking home for sale.

The cartoonist and children’s book author is best known for his seminal 1980s comic strip “Bloom County,” which at its peak appeared in 1,200 newspapers around the world and earned Breathed a Pulitzer Price for editorial cartooning in 1987. “Bloom County” ended in 1989 and was followed by the spin off strips “Outland” and “Opus.” Breathed effectively retired from cartooning in 2008 but revived “Bloom County” several years ago, and now regularly posts strips via Facebook.

Berkeley acquired the property in 1997 for $1.135 million and it wasn’t’ long before the existing residence was razed to make way for a sprawling, warmly contemporary and eclectically appointed home of almost 6,100 square feet with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. A separate, fully self-contained guesthouse adds another bedroom and bath.

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