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Jeff Koterba Returns to Omaha Newspaper

The Reader is thrilled to announce that we are now carrying the work of award-winning cartoonist and South O. native Jeff Koterba online and in print.

Last year Jeff Koterba was laid off from the Omaha World-Herald,
now he returns to Omaha in the pages of the area’s alternative newspaper The Reader.


The Reader welcomes the hometown cartoonist to its pages.

Many fans have been following Jeff’s work since his days as the editorial cartoonist at UNO’s student paper, The Gateway. His work now regularly appears in over 850 publications around the globe, including The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and Washington Post.

For the time being it looks like The Reader will be using Jeff’s national cartoons, but maybe an arrangement can be made where Jeff supplies an occasional local editorial cartoon to the paper?

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