Still More Weekend Whatnots


These days Red Ryder is less known for the comic strip than for the BB Gun.
Even the upcoming Rodeo, now in its 71st year, is more famous than the comic.

© Red Ryder Enterprises, Inc


Comic strip (and comic book) writer Stan Lee was honored with a NYC street.


© R. L. Crabb

Speaking of streets –

Miriam decided that ailing Commercial Street needed some cheering up after the pandemic subsided and the unsightly wooden deck was removed, leaving the cracked and pockmarked asphalt exposed. She proposed a painted representation of our beloved river, complimented by flora and fauna, which would cover the ugliness until the city repaved the street later this year.

After several months of silence from the slowly grinding gears of government, she went ahead and executed her devious plan with the help of her prepubescent pirate gang.

The city preferred the ugly. Cartoonist R. L. Crabb reports.



I’m sure it has been mentioned, it’s just that I haven’t seen anyone recognizing Ed Wexler‘s tribute to Méliés early silent film A Trip to the Moon.

© Ed Wexler


In 2013, about 20 wheat farmers gathered at a local pizza joint in Dayton, Washington to hear John Begley, CEO of Columbia Pulp, make his case. 

Begley and his team had big plans. He told the farmers his company would start buying up the discarded wheat straw that was left lying in their fields after they finished their harvest. This would-be waste could be turned into pulp to make paper products, no trees required, reducing the carbon footprint of paper manufacturing and introducing a new income stream for the wheat producers.

Hugging Trees – pulp paper from straw.


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First look: Boss Fight Studio’s Popeye figure.