Seasonal Sunday Funnies

Play Ball!

© Peanuts Worldwide

Concurrent with today’s Peanuts rerun is a similar Heritage Auctions drawing by Charles Schulz, currently going for $5,000.00 with four days left.


Ted and Sally and Arlo and Janis

© King Features Syndicate

Today’s Sally Forth makes me think it would have been a completely different strip if the scene was taking place in Arlo and Janis.

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Playing in the Gutters

© Jef Mallett

Hat tip to Jef Mallett for using the gutters to expand that center art in the Frazz comic strip.


Writer’s Block Illustrated

© Stephan Pastis

‘Nother hat tip to Stephan Pastis for Pearls Before Swine.


Going Solo

© King Features Syndicate

This bodes well. After a fun Sunday concluding the last chapter, I’m looking forward to Prince Valiant on his own for an adventure or three.


Crazy Quilt

I was reminded of this 1914 Sunday page when I read Saturday’s Nancy.

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Meta Nancy Foiled by GoComics

Speaking of Nancy … the Sunday strip can be run in half page or third page formats, and Olivia created today’s Sunday for just such configurations. GoComics’ tab format spoils the effect.

Below is my feeble attempt to make it right.