David Gilbert’s Buckles To End Next Sunday

Reed Brennan has posted an announcement noting Buckles will end March 21, 2021.

Attention Buckles clients:

Buckles is ending publication. The Sunday strip for March 21 will be the last Buckles. If you are using it in your pages, please contact your King Features Syndicate sales representative to choose an alternative.

David Gilbert and KFS officially began the Buckles comic strip 25 years ago on April 1, 1996.

The last Sunday strip will be a very nice, sentimental farewell.

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note: headline changed to reflect true end date

30 thoughts on “David Gilbert’s Buckles To End Next Sunday

  1. Great comic strip. Buckles was the first strip I read daily. Sorry to see it go. Hope it returns someday.

  2. Buckles is my favorite comic strip and has been since I moved to Las Vegas in 1999. So sad that all the good things in life are taken away. We now have comic strips as an ode to poor dead animals and that crap remains while Buckles goes away. I will miss him dearly.

  3. I loved the art in Buckles. I wanted to be a cartoonist as a boy. The wonderfully expressive Buckles was a character I would have wished to create. Aces. Thanks for 25 pleasurable years.
    Dick Carlson, US Ambassador (ret) Chevy Chase, Md

  4. I am so very sad. I have been reading buckles for many years. This past year has been very difficult for me but I always managed a smile after reading Buckles. Bye Buckles ? I will miss you!

  5. As a dog owner and dog lover I will certainly miss the strip. Good Luck in whatever you do next!!!

  6. I am surprised and disappointed when I found out Buckles comic is ended. I love this cute dog and it is funny. I wish I would buy comic book but they don’t have it anymore. I hope the cartoonist would change his mind to put the comic back on. I will miss Buckles.

  7. Very sad. Will miss Buckles’ dog haikus, his scraps with Scrappy the squirrel, his chats with Arden the bird, Lester–the little dog on wheels and, of course, Paul & Jill (Jill’s so wonderfully sensible).The strip was funny & sweet.
    I hope David Gilbert resumes publishing Buckles, but thank him for many smiles & laughs.

  8. A sad day indeed. I lost my little dog, age 15, in 2019. Now Buckles, age 25, is gone too. Sometimes I think people don’t deserve dogs. They are too nice. I hope all goes well for Mr. Gilbert. Maybe another strip?

  9. I enjoyed the artwork and sweet, gentle humor of the Buckles cartoon strip. I will miss it!

  10. My husband and I are disappointed that Buckles will no longer be published on the comic pages. It has been one of our favorites over the years and will be missed. May David Gilbert have good fortune in his future endeavors.

  11. I salute David Gilbert for ending this comic. Too many cartoonists hang on to dying IPs in order to milk every last dollar out of them when the creative output is awful. It is one of the few industries where bad content can run for decades.

  12. the last two years have been brutal for favored comics, from Stone Soup to now Buckles. I suppose Fred Basset is next…..

  13. I am so sorry to see Buckles go! I live in the UK and only discovered him about a year or so ago. I love that dog – he is goofy and sweet and innocent and never fails to raise a smile (at least!) or a laugh. His battles with that pesky vaccum, the dog-proof bin and that intruder in the mirror, not to mention his many sleeping positions and his conversations with Flea – they are all so beautifully portrayed. Thank you, Mr Gilbert – ever since I stumbled upon Buckles you have brightened my days!

  14. I am so sad and upset that Buckles is not in my newspaper. I always turned to him first as a happy way to start the day. It was like he was a friend. The placements of the characters in the strip and the expressions of all were so special.
    How can we get in touch with David Gilbert to see how he will continue his extraordinary talent with this cartoon ? Please know, David, how much we all miss Buckles.

  15. Thank you, Mr. Gilbert, for Buckles! I LOVED him and all of the characters in the comic strip. I always began my day by checking up on Buckles and his antics. Will miss him very much!

  16. Will miss Buckles! I named my rescue Cocker “Buckles”. I lost him to cancer four years ago. Both “Buckles” always brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. I loved both of them. Thank you Mr. Gilbert!!!

  17. Buckles was a family favorite for many years. When my Eugene passed in 2012 his last words to me were, “I’ll miss Buckles most of all.”

  18. I hope there’s a chance that King can rerun the strip from the beginning! ‘Buckles Classic’ maybe. My wife and I have only read the last 7 or 8 years and we’d love to see the beginnings of Paul and Jill’s journey with Buckles.

  19. So sad to hear BUCKLES won’t be with us in our paper any more. He’s been a favorite of our family for at least 10 years. Thank you Mr. Gilbert for all the wonderful ventures you took us on over the years with Jill, Paul, Arden and of course himself Buckles. We wish you well in your retirement, may the good Lord bless you and your loved ones. Best Wishes .

  20. I join the list of those who love Buckles. I have been searching & even emailed our paper complaining.?

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