Joe Wos’ Cartoon Academy

Comics and cartoons are finding new life outside of the Sunday funnies. As the art form becomes more accessible from artists posting their work online, offering artistic and creative breaks in people’s feeds, Pittsburgh cartoon artist Joe Wos wants to teach anyone, regardless of age, how to get started drawing, too.

Cartoonist Joe Wos will host a cartoon teaching series on public tv.

Through WQED Education and the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s “Learning at Home” initiative, Wos will teach six courses that guide students through the creative steps of drawing cartoon characters.

[Joe’s] WQED classes through Cartoon Academy will start at an elementary level and build to more advanced techniques and concepts such as creating texture and facial expressions.

For those whose antennas don’t pick up the WQED Pittsburgh signal…

Lesson plans, extension activities, and coloring sheets to accompany the classes will be available on WQED’s website.

More information, including words of Wos wisdom, at Pittsburgh’s City Paper.