Bill Holbrook and The Origin of Dethany

Bill Holbrook has a new graphic novel coming soon, so Hogan’s Alley sat down with Bill and his collaborator daughter Haviland to discuss how the original book, as opposed to comic strip reprints, came about.


HA: Can you talk about the genesis of Dethany in “On the Fastrack? You’ve never struck me as a “goth” kind of guy!

BH: It’s true—I don’t outwardly embody the goth culture, but Haviland does.

Haviland Holbrook: I’ve been into the goth scene since elementary school. I’ve always had a streak of dark humor in me, and that set me apart from the rest of my peers. Goth culture has always been about disrupting the status quo and about calling attention to when something needs be changed. I feel like we encapsulate that in Dethany and The Other Clique.

And you won’t have to wait for the next issue of Hogan’s Alley magazine to read the interview,
it is online right now!

You will have to wait until April to get Dethany and the Other Clique.

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