Kenneth Mahood is a Senior Stripper

Cartoonist Kenneth Mahood is a Senior Stripper! Born February 4, 1930.

From the Irish Comics Wiki:

After working at a solicitor’s office and as an apprentice lithographer, he became a full-time artist in 1949. He sold his first cartoon to Punch at eighteen, and became a regular contributor. As a painter, he had his first one-man exhibition in 1955. He exhibited in Belfast, London and Dublin and won a CEMA scholarship to study art in Paris.

From 1960 to 1965 he was Punch‘s Assistant Art Editor. In 1966 he became The Times‘s first ever political cartoonist, a position he held until early 1968. In 1969 he became the pocket cartoonist for the London Evening Standard, and in 1971 took the same job at the Financial Times. In 1978 he was elected to the Punch Table, and joined the Daily Mail in 1982, drawing its “Compact Cartoon”. He has also contributed to The New Yorker.

above: Punch


Michael Maslin has Kenneth as a New Yorker contributor (below) from 1951-1996.

The Daily Mail on Mahood retiring from cartooning in 2009.

A Punch archive of Kenneth Mahood cartoons.

A sampling of New Yorker cartoons by Mahood.

Kenneth also created children’s books.

Hat tip to Lenona, who has more information and links to things Mahood.

below: Punch strips by Kenneth Mahood

We wish Kenneth Mahood a Happy Birthday!