The Yellow Kid Returns

On the 125th anniversary of The Yellow Kid‘s first newspaper appearance, he’s back!

Chris Yambar (writer) and Randy Bish (artist) have joined forces to revive The Yellow Kid.

[Chris] wanted to bring the classic comic back so about six years ago, he partnered with editorial artist Randy Bish.

“When I mentioned it to him several years back, he looked at me like he had fire in his pants,” Yambar said. “I mean, it was like, ‘What?’ And I said…’You know the Yellow Kid. It’s kind of a dream project.’ And he goes, ‘I’m in.’”

The plan is to stick to the original cartoon with the yellow shirt that hangs to his feet and displays witty phrases. They’re even keeping his bald head.

“Back then in the late 1800s, almost every child of the slums had their head shaved. Their mothers would shave their head because they didn’t want them to get lice,” Yambar said.

After multiple roadblocks, the pair is almost ready to release the comic book. And turns out, it’ll be right on time.

“Here’s another bit of timing — his official 125th birthday comes in February, so here we go,” Yambar said.

WKBN carries the story. has ordering details.


One thought on “The Yellow Kid Returns

  1. Why did they make his head such an unattractive and stupid-looking shape? It completely kills his resemblance to the original. Or to human beings in general. I dislike it when people favour abstract design over decent-looking cartoons. Bra-a-a-a-p! (That’s a razzberry!)

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