Sid the Kid Makes the Senior Strippers List

Sid Jacobson was born 90 years ago today, and so joins our Senior Strippers club. Sid, born
October 20, 1929, is probably most famous for being a longtime editor, and sometime writer,
for the Harvey comic book company. Sid has a claim on creating Richie Rich.


Though the Harvey kids are most recognizable,
Sid began with the more adult Harvey horror line in the early 1950s.

Sid stayed in the floppy comic book business into the 1990s,
becoming editor-in-chief of Harvey Comics and of Marvel’s Star Comics line.

The Grand Comic Database has a nice cover gallery of all the comic book genres Sid has overseen.

Sid has done more than comic books, writing songs and novels.
With the turn of the century Sid partnered with longtime colleague Ernie Colón to create some adult graphic novels, most famously about the 9-11 tragedy.

We congratulate Sid on joining the Senior Strippers Club and wish him All the Best.



One thought on “Sid the Kid Makes the Senior Strippers List


    I’m delighted to find out he’s still around.
    I worked with Sid as an illustrator/letterer when he was editing Harvey’s Back To The Future comics, as well as New Kids On The Block and a few other one-offs.
    A truly nice guy!

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