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Cartoonists at Odds: Maslin v Mankoff


It started with an interview, during which old-timer Robert Mankoff claimed about cartooning:

It’s a young person’s game. The idea that creative comic art goes on forever. It doesn’t.



Not quite as old-timer Michael Maslin took issue with that statement:

We’re reminded every so often that nothing lasts forever; I’ve found, however, that cartoonists are most often young at heart — their comic creativity tends to last as long as they do, no matter their age




Community Comments

#1 Bob Eckstein
@ 12:15 pm

I find it ironic that you use the adjectives old-timer and “not-quite as old-timer” for a piece addressing age. I guess it would have been more disrespectful to use geezer and “not-quite as geezer.” But do you see that?

#2 D. D. Degg
@ 8:45 pm

Yeah, I do. I was having a little sport with it, but in an affectionate way. This is a guy, after all, who self-identifies as an “old fart.”

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