Floyd Norman to Receive Milton Caniff Award


On May 18, at the Reuben Award Dinner, it will be revealed who wins the National Cartoonists Society divisional awards and who will be named Cartoonist of the Year. The NCS also presents other awards, sometimes revealing the honoree ahead of time.

Animator and cartoonist Floyd Norman has been named
the recipient of the Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award.

On May 17th the National Cartoonists Society will present Disney legend Floyd Norman with the Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award at the 73rd Annual Reuben Awards in Huntington Beach, California.

The Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded by unanimous vote of the NCS Board of Directors. It is given for a lifetime of outstanding and accomplished work to a cartoonist who has not previously won a Reuben.

From the National Cartoonists Society announcement:

Floyd Norman is an animator, writer, comic strip and comic book artist, and a bonafide “Disney Legend.” Over the course of his stellar career, Norman has worked for a number of animation companies in addition to Walt Disney Animation Studios, including Hanna-Barbera Productions, Ruby-Spears, Film Roman and Pixar.


above: In the 1980s Floyd returns Mickey Mouse to adventure continuity.


Floyd joins a distinguished group of cartoonists:

1994 Harry Devlin
1994 Will Eisner
1995 Al Hirschfeld
1996 Jack Davis
1997 Dale Messick
1998 Bill Gallo
1999 Charles Schulz
2002 Jerry Robinson
2003 Morrie Turner
2004 Jules Feiffer
2005 Gahan Wilson
2006 Ralph Steadman
2007 Sandra Boynton
2008 Frank Frazetta
2009 Joe Kubert
2009 George Booth
2010 R.O. Blechman
2012 Brad Anderson
2012 Russ Heath
2015 Paul Coker, Jr
2016 Angelo Torres
2017 Lynda Barry
(Charles M. Schulz was awarded a unique Golden Caniff for his outstanding contribution to the artform).




A hearty round of applause to Mr. Norman for the deserved recognition.






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