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Boston Globe Returns 4 of 11 Cut Comics

“Reducing our comics section was not our best decision”

As you may recall the Boston Globe created a bit of a hullabaloo when it dropped nearly half of its comic strips and a couple of puzzles. Forced to see the error of their way, they promised “to restore some of them.”

Their early January note said their “aim was to have them back in the paper by the end of January, and hopefully before.” They didn’t make that deadline, but come February 11 they are restoring four of the eleven cut comics.


The original December 2018 cut list was
Pooch Café
Adam At Home <sic>
Get Fuzzy (in reruns)
Rose is a Rose <sic>
Mother Goose
Bizzaro <sic>
Mr. Boffo

The four returning comics, as voted by Boston Globe readers, are
Adam @ Home, Bizarro, Mother Goose and Grimm, and Rose is Rose (plus Jumble).
The end result is nearly a third of the comic strips being cut instead of half of them.


Part of the Boston Globe notice:


They teased that “they may not be done.” and further offered another poll (not comics) about what newspaper features the readers really care about. So cutting some things are still in the works.


The entire February 5, 2019 Boston Globe notice can be read courtesy John R. Carroll’s blog
under the title, Boston Globe’s Comics Page Reboot Is a Total Joke.




Community Comments

#1 Jimmy Delach
@ 9:08 pm

Somehow I thought Jump Start was also coming back to the Boston Globe based on what I saw Robb Armstrong post on his Facebook page. Then again, the Globe still ran the Sunday Jump Start (the Daily remains cut) so maybe he was misinformed.

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