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Marie Severin and Gary Friedrich – RIP

I don’t do much comic book news, but these two were a part of my youth.

Marie Severin and Gary Friedrich, creators during Marvel Comics Silver Age (and beyond), have passed away. Born on the same day separated by 14 years, they passed on the exact same day.


AUGUST 21, 1943 – AUGUST 29, 2018
The Dignity Memorial obituary.

My favorite war comic of the late 1960s was Sgt. Fury and, while famously noted for the artistic combo of Dick Ayers and John Severin, it was Stan Lee putting the “hippie” Gary Friedrich in charge of the writing that clinched the deal.

Brian Cronin’s obituary for Gary and an appreciation Gary’s Sgt. Fury.

AUGUST 21, 1929 – AUGUST 29, 2018
The Newsday obituary.

Marie Severin was everywhere. Dr. Strange, The Incredible Hulk, Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Eventually she made her mark in the Not Brand Echh comic that spoofed super-heroes and much more. A master caricaturist of fictional and non-fictional characters and a skillful practitioner in the art of “chicken fat.” But she was so much more, and she was loved.

Brian Cronin’s obituary for Marie and his look at Marie’s career at 1950s EC Comics.

I’m not sure but I think with Marie’s passing that leaves only Angelo Torres left of the old EC crew.

update: Art Lortie sent a list of EC Comic Book Alumni (excludes MAD magazine),

and among those still with us:

Frank Bolle, with partner Leonard Starr, drew a War Against Crime story in 1948.


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