New Yorker to print unprecedented number of cartoons from single cartoonist

From Michael Maslin’s blog:

The brand new New Yorker (March 10, 2014) features what I believe to be an unprecedented single issue contribution by a cartoonist: a dozen pages, in color. The piece, by Roz Chast, ?Can?t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?? is also the title of her forthcoming graphic memoir (coming in May from Bloomsbury USA. The cover appears to the left).

I don’t know the details of the arrangement between Roz and the magazine, but this feels like Roz got 12 pages of free advertising in the New Yorker and probably got paid for it.

6 thoughts on “New Yorker to print unprecedented number of cartoons from single cartoonist

  1. Whatever they paid, this was a bargain. It’s absolutely brilliant work.

    And certainly not the first time the New Yorker has published an excerpt from an upcoming book.

  2. If it’s 12 pages of turgid prose, it’s a short story and worth $$$. If it’s a brilliant graphic novel it’s worth… much, much MORE! Best thing in the magazine.

  3. I ain’t no Roz Chast, and Down East magazine ain’t The New Yorker, but when my book was published they devoted a page to my work and I didn’t get paid a durned thing!

  4. Always interesting to see the goings-on at The New Yorker. I readily admit that I don’t always find their cartoons necessarily funny moreso than I do “inspiring” . . . I always get the creative urge after seeing alot of cartoons appearing in the magazine, not to mention the fact those images usually help to generate “spin off” concepts for my own cartoons. I’m not certain as to whether or not Cheney is still with the magazine, but I recall he illustrated a 5 page automotive ad that appeared throughout the magazine in that specific issue. I think the month of November is when they come out with their all-cartoon issue.

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