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Where in the world is Kevin Kallaugher?

The Economist editorial cartoonist Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher has a dizzy array of gigs lined up – some of which will take him across the world. The Economist is heading out on an international tour called “The Year in 2014.” KAL will traveling with the tour to Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai. That last stop is where KAL will participate in the TEDx Gateway where he’ll speak on satire.

Tonight, he’ll be at National Press Club?s Book Fair and Authors? Night held at Washington DC’s Politics and Prose book store.

If you can’t see him in one of those locations, check out a series of animations he’s done for The Economist. There will be five total. Brown University posted an interview with him asking him about his 10 favorite cartoons.

And lastly, his book Daggers Drawn, 35 Years of Kal Cartoons in The Economist is now available for the iPad and iPhone. Visit the Apple store OR go analog and order from his store.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Racine
@ 11:16 am

Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai…and this week, Tall Tale Radio! (I’m guessing he wants to get the best out of the way first before he goes slumming around the world.)

#2 G Louis Johnson
@ 11:30 am

Looking forward to the interview Tom.

#3 Mike Rhode
@ 12:45 pm

CORRECTION! Tonight Kal will at the National Press Club on 14th St, NW. The books are being sold by Politics and Prose, but it’s not at the bookstore.

#4 Henry Lewis
@ 12:58 am

The real pleasure of this book is Mr Scudamore?s masterly and unflinching prose. One day Jasper realises he carries the ?musty, crotch-waft smell of Old Man?. The shifting textures of wall-mould are ?a cackling witch; an awful, leprous face?. At times the narrative threatens to get lost as it roams through the characters? bewildering memories and Wreaking?s disorienting corridors. But the final chapters deliver a jolting revelation that snaps everything back into focus. The story is resolved but Mr Scudamore?s affective writing ensures a feeling of uneasiness lingers.

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