Signe Wilkinson draws cartoon about being mugged last Sunday

Signe Wilkinson was mugged at gun-point last Sunday about a block from her house. The mugger demanded her purse and claimed to have a gun which Signe believed to be true. The purse the mugger made off with was actually a canvas bag that Signe was carrying filled with pens, paper and sketches of her upcoming “Penn’s Place” cartoon – a local comic strip that only runs in the Inquirer.

Her cartoon today is a “first-person” cartoon depicting her in front of a gun with arms up high saying, “Young Man!.. I don’t have time for this! I’ve got to draw a cartoon about how safe our city is!!”

With humor, Signe tells me she hopes the mugger will find the art supplies useful, “though they take longer to master than guns!”. She also quips, “I got such a good reaction to the toon that I’m thinking of getting mugged about once a week.”

Glad you’re safe, Signe!

3 thoughts on “Signe Wilkinson draws cartoon about being mugged last Sunday

  1. First, I’m glad she wasn’t shot or worse.
    Second, the irony is over the top: “A conservative is a liberal who just got mugged” is a famous quote by a famous mayor named Frank Rizzo -Philadelphia.

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