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Profiled: Rob Smith Jr.’s USO/NCS trip

Another write up about the recent USO/NCS trip. This time Ocala Star Banner profiles Rob Smith Jr..

From Ocala Star Banner:

The artists don’t discuss in detail what they draw during the tours.

“We don’t use any of it for our promotion. It’s personal. It’s for them. It’s a way to show that we’re appreciative for what they have done and that we honor their service,” said Jeff Bacon, who was instrumental in reviving the cartoonist tour tradition in 2005.

I love to read about these trips. The only thing that would make me happier is if we stop sending our military men and women overseas in the first place.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Stemmle
@ 1:09 pm

Rob Smith, Jr. is one of the finest people I’m lucky enough to know. Ditto for all of the rest of the cartoonists profiled. I can’t think of better people to talk to GI”s, give them a sense of home, and a sense of happiness. I salute all of the USO Cartoonists, and, of course, the GI’s.

#2 Jeff Parker
@ 12:07 pm

According to the article, Rob worked in the 60s at a Disney World, which didn’t exist until 1971… with all due respect to our Vets, a time-traveling cartoonist who can manipulate the space/time vortex is a WAY bigger story, Ocala Star Banner…

#3 Donald A. Rex Jr.
@ 5:12 pm

Jeff Parker FYI- Lots of artists were working a decade before the park opened. The way it works is: artists work first; the park is built next.

The way I heared it, Unca Walt tryed having the carpenters design his first attempt, but it turned out just picnic tables and outhouses.

#4 D.D.Degg
@ 6:50 pm

Jeff Parker – I think there’s a child prodigy story there too.

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